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What to do for two days in Lisbon?

The autumn months are perfect to get to know Lisbon! Tourism is lower at this time, compared to the hot months, and you can enjoy the Portuguese capital with more tranquility without losing the sunny days, which are still felt.

Lisbon is definitely a dream city, and it’s not just for the good weather or for the good access and mobility. The Portuguese capital is also full of museums and historical monuments, cultural events and delicious cuisine, offering visitors everything they are looking for in a tourist destination.

Even if you do not have many days of vacation, be sure you visit this city this year! If you plan the time well, two days in Lisbon is enough to know much of the city. Today we give you a hand!

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The best activities for a Lisbon solo travel

Are you making your first Lisbon solo travel? Do not panic! Traveling alone brings you several benefits that you may never have noticed.

If you are traveling alone, you have complete freedom to do things your way: the places to visit and the times to do so are entirely up to you, so you can organize your days without any pressure. At the same time, traveling alone will naturally give you greater openness to interact with other travelers and the local people, and you’ll see how much more self-confident and open to new experiences you’ll feel when you return to your home country!

If you still don’t know what to do alone in Lisbon, check out some activities that will make your stay so much more fun!

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Travel Guide: 24h in Lisbon

Although Lisbon is one of the smallest European capitals, it is also one of the most energetic and captivating! There are many monuments to visit, delicious food to taste, activities to try and nooks and crannies full of history and culture.

Thus, spending just 24 hours in Lisbon may seem too little time to get to know the city. However, regardless the reason for your short stay in the city, be it a flight connection, an extension of your business trip or a last-minute visit to friends or family, with enough determination you can discover a significant part of Lisbon in only 24 hours.

We will show you an itinerary for your 24h in Lisbon that will help you a lot!

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5 activities to do on the Lisbon coast

Lisbon is a city full of life that deserves to be explored by you to the last detail! There are always activities to do in the city, new places to discover, parties taking place and new restaurants to visit.

If you love to watch the river, the Lisbon coast is the perfect place to enjoy your holidays in the Portuguese capital. And if you think that by the Tagus river there are not much more activities to do, except eat in one of the many restaurants of the Alcântara docks or ride a scooter, you’re totally wrong!

Find out 5 activities to do on the Lisbon coast that will make your vacations much more exciting!

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Lisbon on the other side of the river: What to do?

Although the Portuguese capital – Lisbon – includes a geographical area only in the north area of the Tagus river, the truth is the Lisbon Metropolitan Area encompasses several municipalities on both sides of the river.

In the south of the Tagus river, you find a quieter lifestyle than in the city of Lisbon, conducive to a greater sense of peace and tranquility, greater contact with nature and magnificent views of the Portuguese capital.

If you are tired of spending your holidays in busy cities, find out what to do in Lisbon on the other side of the river!

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5 ideas to enjoy the summer in Lisbon!

Temperatures are increasing and many are already taking a vacation to enjoy the hot days. If you are planning to visit Lisbon this summer, but do not know what to do in the Portuguese capital, we’ll give you a hand!

Although Lisbon is only a few kilometers away from fantastic beaches, there is no lack of city activities to enjoy your summer in Lisbon.

Get to know 5 ideas to make the most of the Portuguese capital during the summer!

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Which are the best museums in Lisbon?

Lisbon is full of stories to tell. The cultural heritage of the Portuguese capital is distributed among its numerous museums dedicated to art, science, the discoveries and even to characteristic elements of Portugal such as the Portuguese tile.

Some of Lisbon’s museums are relatively new, with light and modern architectural lines, while the more classic ones take you on a journey through time. However, if you are going to visit Lisbon for only a few days, it is impossible to visit all the museums in the city. For this reason, we have gathered the 5 best museums in Lisbon that you cannot miss!

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Discover an unforgettable nightlife in Lisbon! 3 fun activities you can’t miss

The nightlife in Lisbon is to be enjoyed to the fullest! From the historic districts of the city to the Tagus river, everything can be availed to carry out fun activities and fraternize, while getting to know the Portuguese capital.

Since Lisbon is one of the safest European capitals, you can stroll around and enjoy the night until dawn, starting as soon as the sun goes down.

Lisbon nights are lively, especially at weekends, so you can take advantage of your holidays in Lisbon to get to know the city at night. To help you, we’ll tell you 3 fun activities to do in Lisbon that will make your night even more special!

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What to do in Alcântara? 4 outdoor activities!

Alcântara is one of the most visited places in Lisbon and one of the most developed ones in recent years, offering an extensive list of outdoor activities.

During the week or at the weekend, there is a huge range of choice when the question is “What to do in Alcântara?“. With the Tagus river right next to it, there is nothing better than to enjoy this area of the Portuguese capital for funny outdoor activities!

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Places to organize outdoor events in Lisbon: find out where to organize yours!

Spring has arrived and brought with it the perfect time of the year to organize your corporate event in Lisbon! The good weather of the Portuguese capital is inviting not only to a greater attendance of guests but also allows you to hold your event outdoors, one of the greatest reasons for events success.

In fact, one of the best tips for organizing events is to do it outdoors, as it conveys an image of informality and gives your guests a perfect contact with nature.

Thus, spring and summer months are ideal to introduce new products or services in an original and appealing way, or even to organize press conferences, giving a special touch to the contact you have with the media.

If you are planning an event, but do not know places to organize events in Lisbon, do not panic! Meet 3 perfect locations to hold your event.

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