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4 ideas to liven up the company’s Christmas dinner

Christmas time is perfect to foster conviviality among the employees of your company. The season itself already symbolizes unity, but there are many of themed events and activities that you can organize so that your team gets to know each other better outside the office.

By this time, one of the events you can’t help but organize is the typical company’s Christmas dinner! However, this often becomes a too formal event, where the central conversation’s theme is work, which ultimately demotivates employees to attend.

In this sense, your goal should be to create a memorable and relaxed event, so that everyone feels excited and satisfied. These 4 tips can help you!

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Lisbon for business: 3 things to do in Lisbon during the Web Summit!

The next Web Summit edition in Lisbon will take place between November 4th and 7th in Parque das Nações, with the presence of several entrepreneurs and technology industry specialists, such as Microsoft CEO, Brad Smith, Rotating Chairman of Huawei, Guo Ping, or Wikimedia CEO, Katherine Maher.

In addition to traditional conferences, where you can learn how big companies face today’s technology challenges, Web Summit brings together CEOs and founders of the world’s largest companies, promising startups and influential investors, so it is a great opportunity for networking.

As you can see, missing out on this big event is something your company can’t do! So, if you are thinking of spending these days in the Portuguese capital with your employees, know some things to do in Lisbon during the Web Summit, which will make this experience even more remarkable.

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3 ideas for your next team building event in Lisbon

Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO or human resources manager, you know how important it is to motivate your work team to achieve company success. It was with this intention that the team building events – team activities, in which all your employees must participate and interact – have emerged.

In addition to contributing to cohesion among team members, team building events increase the levels of motivation, involvement, leadership and creativity most of all. All this results in a better performance and, therefore, in the increase of the productivity of the company!

Lisbon is the perfect city to organize your team building event, taking advantage of the many events and activities that take place in the city on a daily basis.

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Restaurants for group dinners in Lisbon: perfect places for a wonderful night

Portugal is one of the European countries most recognized for the quality and diversity of its gastronomy, as well as for welcoming everyone incomparably. As such, the Portuguese capital could not fail to be a real paradise when it comes to restaurants!

Over time, more and more restaurants have emerged in Lisbon, with varied gastronomic options, and some of them are suited to specific needs, such as group dinners. Whether it’s a company dinner, a bachelor party, a Christmas dinner or even a birthday celebration, all occasions are good for gathering family and friends. For this reason, we give you some suggestions of restaurants with large rooms where you can hold your dinner in the capital.

Find out the best restaurants for group dinners in Lisbon!

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Top 4 best places to visit in Lisbon

The Portuguese capital is ever more fashionable, and the truth is there are great reasons to visit Lisbon! As the political, financial, artistic, commercial and even tourist center of Portugal, there is a multitude of places to visit in Lisbon and activities that you can do.

This city has been granted several times with World Heritage monuments awards and has also a rich cultural and leisure offer and breathtaking landscapes. Get to know some of the most important places to discover in Lisbon!

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Why should you organize a corporate lunch cruise in Lisbon?

Business meetings are not what they used to be. Business topics no longer have to be dealt within four walls, in a closed meeting room. Nowadays, discussions can happen in the most varied places.

In fact, a more relaxed place to hold business meetings, or other business events such as conferences or presentations of new products, creates a more conciliatory environment, allowing you and your business partners not only to negotiate but also to fraternize.

Now that summer has arrived, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the warmth of the Portuguese capital and turn a business meeting into a corporate lunch cruise in Lisbon. This is a way of making a difference in your work meeting, generating more comfort and confidence in your business partners.

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How to create a Team Building event in Lisbon?

Team Building has been one of the most impressive concepts in the business environment, especially when related to the management and motivation of work teams.

This idea is related to the fostering of team spirit through the promotion of interaction and cooperative activities among a company’s employees, in order to lead to a greater knowledge and cohesion among them.

Thus, Team Building events are often associated with problem solving as a team, leadership, communication, task and time management and creative thinking.

These events can be adapted to various types of budgets and can correspond to several experiences, such as radical activities, strategy games, thematic celebrations, social responsibility actions or even workshops. Read more