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3 tours in Lisbon by the river that you cannot miss!

Lisbon is a city full of life and places to discover! One of the most important areas of the city is undoubtedly the waterfront area, including Belém and the Alcântara docks.

On the waterfront, tours in Lisbon become even more special and, as such, this place attracts thousands of Portuguese and tourists throughout the year. Discover some of the waterfront tours that you cannot miss if you are planning to visit the Portuguese capital!

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Places to organize outdoor events in Lisbon: find out where to organize yours!

Spring has arrived and brought with it the perfect time of the year to organize your corporate event in Lisbon! The good weather of the Portuguese capital is inviting not only to a greater attendance of guests but also allows you to hold your event outdoors, one of the greatest reasons for events success.

In fact, one of the best tips for organizing events is to do it outdoors, as it conveys an image of informality and gives your guests a perfect contact with nature.

Thus, spring and summer months are ideal to introduce new products or services in an original and appealing way, or even to organize press conferences, giving a special touch to the contact you have with the media.

If you are planning an event, but do not know places to organize events in Lisbon, do not panic! Meet 3 perfect locations to hold your event.

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Tours on the Tagus River for companies: What kind of events can you do?

Taking boat trips on the Tagus River is not something uniquely for private individuals. These tours can be availed by companies to carry out various corporate events, either to strengthen the relationship between their employees or with their clients.

There are already several companies that bet on the organization of increasingly personalized and creative events, with the Tagus River being one of the most popular places to do so, thanks to its beautiful landscape and the pleasant climate of Lisbon.

But what business events can be held in tours on the Tagus River? Find out now!

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