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Places to organize outdoor events in Lisbon: find out where to organize yours!

Spring has arrived and brought with it the perfect time of the year to organize your corporate event in Lisbon! The good weather of the Portuguese capital is inviting not only to a greater attendance of guests but also allows you to hold your event outdoors, one of the greatest reasons for events success.

In fact, one of the best tips for organizing events is to do it outdoors, as it conveys an image of informality and gives your guests a perfect contact with nature.

Thus, spring and summer months are ideal to introduce new products or services in an original and appealing way, or even to organize press conferences, giving a special touch to the contact you have with the media.

If you are planning an event, but do not know places to organize events in Lisbon, do not panic! Meet 3 perfect locations to hold your event.

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Lisbon: things to do with kids that you cannot miss!

Entertaining the kids during a weekend or even the holidays can become a huge challenge! The truth is children tend to tire quickly of repetitive activities, which means you need to constantly think about new plans and family activities.

However, if you’ll be in Lisbon for a weekend or you are even thinking about taking a vacation in the Portuguese capital, you have a great point in your favor: Lisbon is full of activities to do with children, whether outdoors or not.

All around the city, there are museums ideal for the younger ones, educational petting farms that bring the countryside to the city, parks with trampolines or even exciting trips on tour boats that take them to know the Tagus river.

Get to know 5 things to do with kids in Lisbon that will spend their energies in an instant!

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Lisbon Web Summit: business activities to do during the conference days!

The largest technology, innovation and entrepreneurship conference in Europe – the Web Summit – is back in Lisbon, between the 4th and 7th of November. From the presence of stands of various startups, which want to make themselves known to various audiences, to the talks with CEOs of large companies, at Lisbon Web Summit you will find the perfect environment to exchange ideas and get inspiration to improve your company!

However, while during the event schedule it is time to debate with other companies, once the conferences end you can take advantage to organize your own activities with your work team. Read more

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Outdoor activities in Lisbon: 4 suggestions to enjoy a weekend in the Portuguese capital

If you are about to spend a weekend in Lisbon or even take a vacation to the Portuguese capital, it’s good to know that the city offers an endless number of activities and places to discover. In Lisbon, you can always have a fully completed agenda, whether visiting a new modern cafe in downtown Lisbon or even buying tickets for the new exhibition of one of the museums in the city.

However, not all the activities of interest in Lisbon refer to closed places, such as museums, shops or restaurants. There are several programs that you can do outdoors, taking advantage of the excellent Portuguese climate to entertain you and catch some fresh air.

“The city and nature” is the motto to give you some suggestions of outdoor activities in Lisbon, which can be done with your family and friends, or even by yourself! Read more

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The 5 best Lisbon beaches!

Lisbon is one of the few European capitals that can boast of having the sea just a few minutes away. There are beautiful beaches on the outskirts of Lisbon, perfect for a weekend or even a holiday with your family and friends.

With spring on its way, temperatures in the Portuguese capital will start to appeal to some fun days spent on the beach. But if you have never visited Portugal or you have not been in Lisbon for a long time, you may not know which beaches choose.

For this reason, today we tell you about 5 of the best Lisbon beaches, to find out as soon as the thermometers start to increase! Read more

How to organize unforgettable business meetings in Lisbon?

A very important part of any company’s success is the relationship established with customers. This relationship is often reinforced through business meetings, since it is in these events that you have the opportunity to establish a more personal communication with the client.

However, have you ever noticed that business meetings are almost always the same? An enclosed room, a table to gather, a computer to present some data, maybe a coffee and the meeting ends. Most of the time, you only communicate as a company, not as a person.

Organizing successful business meetings depends largely on how they are planned and prepared. Choosing a more creative program for your meeting not only manages to create a stronger relationship between you and your client, but it also increases productivity.

Do you have a company in Lisbon or is your client in the Portuguese capital? Learn how to organize memorable business meetings in Lisbon aboard a tour boat!

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Alternative tours in Lisbon: get to know the capital in a different way

Most of the tourists who visit the Portuguese capital, usually end up exploring the most well-known touristic spots, such as downtown Lisbon, Belém, Parque das Nações or even Bairro Alto.

Although these places will tell you a lot about Lisbon’s history, they are also the most crowded places and therefore the least propitious to relax and truly enjoy the city atmosphere.

Some alternative tours in Lisbon can show you the city in a different and surprising way. Getting to know Lisbon means living the culture of the city and the best it has to offer: hiding places on viewpoints and typical streets, the river and the sun. Find out which tours you should do during your stay in Lisbon! Read more

How to organize corporate tours in Lisbon?

Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of providing differentiated experiences to their employees and/or customers, for example through the organization of corporate tours.

This investment in the recognition of your work team and clients is fundamental to the success of your business, since it creates good memories together, improves communication, makes your company more personal and even your employees and customers much more committed to the company.

However, these team tours should be organized with the utmost care, so that your main benefits are achieved. Since in Lisbon there are several corporate tour possibilities to choose from, knowing what and how to organize is decisive. That’s why we’ll give you all the essential steps to organize successful corporate tours in Lisbon! Read more

3 ideas for your next team building event in Lisbon

Whether you are an entrepreneur, CEO or human resources manager, you know how important it is to motivate your work team to achieve company success. It was with this intention that the team building events – team activities, in which all your employees must participate and interact – have emerged.

In addition to contributing to cohesion among team members, team building events increase the levels of motivation, involvement, leadership and creativity most of all. All this results in a better performance and, therefore, in the increase of the productivity of the company!

Lisbon is the perfect city to organize your team building event, taking advantage of the many events and activities that take place in the city on a daily basis.

Is your company based in or around the Portuguese capital and do you intend on improving the interpersonal relationships of your employees? We present you with 3 ideas for your next team building event in Lisbon! Read more

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Restaurants for group dinners in Lisbon: perfect places for a wonderful night

Portugal is one of the European countries most recognized for the quality and diversity of its gastronomy, as well as for welcoming everyone incomparably. As such, the Portuguese capital could not fail to be a real paradise when it comes to restaurants!

Over time, more and more restaurants have emerged in Lisbon, with varied gastronomic options, and some of them are suited to specific needs, such as group dinners. Whether it’s a company dinner, a bachelor party, a Christmas dinner or even a birthday celebration, all occasions are good for gathering family and friends. For this reason, we give you some suggestions of restaurants with large rooms where you can hold your dinner in the capital.

Find out the best restaurants for group dinners in Lisbon!

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